Our Mission

Together, we will transform public health and infectious disease surveillance through innovative implementation of NGS and bioinformatics technologies

Who we are

We are public health scientists committed to improving infectious disease surveillance, food safety, molecular diagnostics, and environmental monitoring. We bring expertise from previous careers in academia, government, and industry working on diverse projects in infectious disease, cancer, biofuels, and strain engineering. Our previous experience provides us with a “lean forward” perspective where we continually strive to push the innovative implementation of technology as efficiently as possible since time is our most valuable resource.  

What we believe

NGS technologies used to be the domain of large academic or government research groups. Advances in sequencing technology and cloud computing have brought about the “democratization”  of NGS and bioinformatics. This democratization allows any clinical, environmental, or food safety organization, regardless of size and resources, to take advantage of these technologies to advance their core business. Results will be achieved more quickly, less expensively, and with greater resolution and accuracy than ever before.

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